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Gel Medium Photo Transfer to Wood Process: Step One

Step One: Choosing The Photo You Want To Transfer

Transferring a picture onto wood takes a bit of time and effort, so you want to make sure you’re setting off on the right foot.

One thing to know is that not all photos will be ideal to transfer onto a wood medium.

If you want to have a clean visible transfer, you will want to choose a photo that is evenly contrasted. That is to say, your photo should have a little bit of shadows (dark colors), a little bit of highlights (whites), and a lot of shades in between those two extremes.

Should you choose to transfer an image that has a lot of highlights and light colors and almost no dark areas, your transfer will be very faint on the wood. Alternately, choosing a very dark image with very little highlights may seem ok until you start the process of rubbing off the paper. Unless you are a savant at wood transfers, some rubbing off of the image along with the paper will occur. It is a transfer after all. If you are looking for a perfect image on wood, I suggest trying UV printers. The rubbing off of some of the image may look good and give the piece a vintage feel, but it will take away some of the cleanliness and power that a dark photo has when printed on a printer.

Keep in mind, these are only rudimentary suggestions for the crafting neophyte. Artists and experimenters are free to play around to achieve their concepts and ideas.




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